Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is my online venture

   This is my first experiment at blogging from the bottom of my heart. Many people online are doing what they like most. I also thought about it but never did it in real. Some of the blogs that have made me do this are 

As I was searching online I came across more and more people who just blogged about their life's experiences and made some really great blogs over time.

I don't know for sure how much success I will be seeing but from the heart I feel that I am gonna succeed at this. I just started it out as an experiment and will just see how often I will be able to make posts. A blog should be regularly updated, that's for sure and I will make it a point to update as often as possible.

One of the most important things to succeed is to make goals. But goals setting will not give success, you have to follow and make things happen to achieve success. Also it is important to make some attainable goals. If you can make goals which after some time are achieved will increase the momentum and you can go for higher goals. 

The other thing that you should do is make the goals as specific as possible. 

From the above things this is my goal for my blog

  1) What is this blog about?

This blog is going to be about how I go about my life's endeavours( got to find what that means) so that it may help you and me to go towards success.(will make it clear afterwards)

 2) How often is this going to be updated?

I think that some 3 to 5 posts a week is a good start.

This is it folks, I am gonna do it and you will definitely find some useful things for your own self. 


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